• Brownie the Dog “Barks”!


    While playing with my two young friend and making a fairy house, I was asked to collect bark. Bark? It’s time for a drawing kids!! I love this kind of … More

  • Esalen Buddha Garden

    buddha garden

    With the beauty of the Pacific to the west, one sits in the center of the farm & garden, a sacred place to show up as our whole self. Gift … More


    NEPENTHE PHOENIXNepenthe’s terrace was once graced with a beautiful old oak tree. Unfortunately, in the mid 70’s the oak became sick and had to be cut down. Sculptor Edmund Kara came … More

  • No More Regrets

    A B DINERWhen I was in my last year of college as a fifth year textile design major, I found my way onto a floor of the Art Dept. I’d not been … More

  • Little Fox in a Box

    photo 2-3Showed up at my friend Lori’s house for a sketching session and couldn’t believe what she’d procured! About 5 taxidermy displays from the San Diego Natural History Museum! Before I … More

  • Hand Tooled

    photo 5-3Any excuse to set out my Grandpa’s tools. I love the lines and thinking about a man I barely knew but share DNA with. The ceramic pitcher is one I … More

  • Adirondacks on the Lake Front

    photo 4-3My very first sketchbook and one of my very first sketches. I’ve been an ‘artist’ all my life but had never taken the time to just sketch. After taking an … More

  • Page One of New Journal

    photo 1-2

    Why not two of my favorite things? I get to make all of this up! A shooting star above and a tendril below.… More

  • Muck Boots in the Park

    photo 5-1

    I love the feeling & sound of walking through tall wet grass with my Muck Boots on…… More

  • Hot Pink Fairy Skirts


    Right outside my window is a big dripping Eucalyptus tree. Aside from the smell and shade it gifts me, each year these fanciful hot pink fairy skirts come out to … More